Sexual Assault Criminal Defense

Simply having your name associated with a sexual assault charge can ruin a reputation for life and a conviction can mean a prison term and a permanent or ten year registration on the sex offender’s registry. Fazzano & Tomasiewicz, LLC, provides the legal defense necessary to help avoid or mitigate any prison term. Additionally, through years of experience we are able to determine which cases are suitable for a trial or are better served through the avenue of a plea bargain. In these types of cases, hours are spent trying to determine what the motive is behind a charge which may be falsely lodged. Was it the break up a relationship? An overly restrictive parent? A complainant who has a history based upon mental health issues? In certain cases, charges of these kind can be made out of spite, hurt or jealously. At our firm we collaborate with psychologists and investigators to determine the root cause of a charge. If a charge can be proven, we strongly believe it is our obligation to inform a client of the risks attendant to going to trial versus resolving their case with a plea agreement. There are cases where we recommend that our clients obtain treatment for any distorted thinking that may have led to their being charged with a sexual crime. We also have studied national literature applicable to sexual assault crimes and the best method of defending these cases. When the case demands a trial to tear apart a lie, our firm is prepared to wage the battle.