Arson Criminal Defense

When a person is charged with the crime of arson it is usually followed by a news story or newspaper article that features the person as a deliberate fire setter. These charges can destroy a person’s reputation in the community and business world. Fazzano and Tomasiewicz, LLC, is equipped and trained to analyze electrical fires, spontaneous combustion and other forensic issues. In certain cases, law enforcement makes a judgment call that a fire was intentionally set without having completed a full investigation. For example, the police may point to kerosene at a fire site as the origin of a fire, but fail to recognize that an insecticide found at the site that is used to discourage sugar ants shares the same chemical properties as kerosene, bringing the cause of the fire into question. Moreover, we typically collaborate with a team of experts including former state police officers trained in the area of fire science, private investigators, and when necessary, chemists to determine of how and when a fire was likely started. Photographs of the fire scene, lab reports, police documents, financial records, and witness statements are carefully examined to provide an exemplary legal defense to the client.