Assaults and Domestic Violence Criminal Defense

Sometimes arguments spin out of control; when passion, love, or alcohol is involved, a simple disagreement can result in criminal charges that seem to far outweigh the event. In fact, a single well-timed punch may be enough to earn a ten-year sentence. Fazzano and Tomasiewicz, LLC, recognizes that each altercation is different, and prudent and swift legal intervention is necessary. Our firm has successfully represented persons charged with serious domestic and non-domestic assaults including stabbings and assault in the first degree. In cases of family violence, an angry spouse on some occasions will exaggerate claims of domestic violence to obtain leverage in a divorce or child custody case. We have years of experience in separating the “truth from the fiction” in these kinds of cases. We will, where appropriate, recommend therapists that are skilled in dealing with domestic relations and family violence. There are intervention programs such as the Family Violence Education Program where our firm can place you that, if successfully completed, will lead to a dismissal of the charges. Where necessary, we will go to trial to prove that our client was not culpable. We are also adept at arguing for modification of protective orders in appropriate cases so you may return to your home.