Connecticut White Collar Crime Defense Criminal Defense

Our law firm defends clients who have been charged with any of the following white-collar crimes:

  • Fraud G.S. §53a-291, et seq.;
  • Embezzlement, G.S. §53-122, et. seq.
  • Identity theft, G.S. §53a-129b, et. seq.
  • Computer crimes, G.S. §53a-252, et. seq.
  • Political corruption,G.S. §1-84

We are adept at analyzing the electronic and financial data that is often a critical factor in these cases. Our prompt action, thorough investigation, and attention to detail allow us to present clients with customized criminal defense options. We have defended people accused of embezzlement, computer crimes, and fraud including a municipal official in Waterbury and New Britain, New Haven and Hartford police officers. We have years of experience defending these serious crimes.